Rob Randolph Band Press Release

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The RRB is returning to its roots in the celebration of The Spirit of Radio. After years and years of collaborations and playing originals around the countryside and also successfully recording several albums with six new songs currently released on itunes reverb nation spotify etc. the RRB is digging into their roots and finding new excitement going back to the radio and playing all the songs that inspired them to play music in the first place

“We built a new studio onto a house I just bought and while we were breaking things in all nice and proper and working the bugs out and stuff, we recorded a couple cover songs and while doing so and going through that whole process and that it turned out so well, it inspired us to learn more and things are going so well sounding so good we all just thought we should take all this fun to the public”

Auditions for Female Vocalists
In the modern day pop culture world of the American Idols, The X Factor and The Voice people are much more dialed in to identify with and relate to an artist when they see them singing one of their favorite pop songs and then just killing it. Often times a bridge can get gapped between an artist and an audience in ways that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. The RRB is currently auditioning for a Female Vocalist that can bring her unique energy and bring to life the beautiful feminine essence side of The Spirit of Radio and help complete the already experienced entertainment package that the RRB brings

Now booking in advance for clubs and casinos or anywhere people are looking to have crazy good time!!

ContactInfo: Booking@RobRandolphMusic.com

3 more NEW SONGS from RRB

We are SO excited to release 3 more NEW SONGS from RRB!

These are some GREAT songs, rocking fun upbeat songs!! Promise you will love!!

– Little Miss
– Revelation
– Drink Some Gin

New Music is FINALLY HERE!!

We have released 3 new songs!! Check them out on Spotify!!

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Time to update!!

Hello everyone!!

2015 was a BUSY BUSY year for RRB.  We moved into a new home, built a brand new pro tools studio to record in, and have been actively seeking new members.  We are ALMOST complete.  We are writing like “CRAZY people” over here! We have so much new material.

The new music is just going to ROCK the shit out of you!  We cannot wait to release it.

We have finally found some new members and are diligently getting them caught up and writing material.

RRB welcomes BACK Bo Galloway on the Lead Guitar and Bass, we welcome new-comer Neil Staub on the Keys, Guitar and Vocals, and our newest addition Dan Cizadlo on the drums!

So many amazing musicians and artists!! 2016 is going to be an AMAZING year for RRB!

Welcome Neil Staub to the RRB family

Neil 2

RRB would like to officially welcome Neil Staub to the RRB family. Neil brings years of experience and a wonderful breath of fresh sounds to the sound of RRB. Classically trained in piano and violin, he also is amazing on the acoustic guitar.

Check our his bio on the Artist Link or Click Here

I’ll Melt With You (remix) by Rob Randolph Band

Check out my new Remix of the song “I’ll Melt With You” by Modern English

I love this song! Thought I would do it Rob Randolph Band style.


I’ll Melt With You (remix)

New Photo Shoot

So I am excited about my new photo shoot this weekend.  Since the band in on a break/hiatus.. It will just be me!  A little nervous as this will be my first solo shoot!

So stay tuned for some new photos on the site.