Rob Randolph (Lead Singer\Rhythm Guitar)


Rob Randolph is an Acoustic Rock Artist that currently plays with a group of very talented musicians. Rob makes the core of this group, as Owner/CEO of Rob Randolph Music, lead singer/songwriter, musician, and guitarist. A musician for over 18 years, Rob has worked hard to perfect his craft as a professional artist.

The son of an Army Officer, Rob found himself traveling all over the world. At the age of 14, Rob longed to find a path that would focus his life. Rob’s Mom showed him how to play a few chords on the guitar and it was then that Rob knew he wanted to master the instrument. A music teacher was sought and Rob was lucky enough to discover Don Raymond. Don was a music instructor in Leavenworth, KS, and the same man that taught Melissa Etheridge how to play guitar.

From that point forward Rob played in numerous bands and music projects all around the country, gaining experience not only as a lead singer and songwriter but also as a back-up singer and lead guitarist. Longing the freedom to create his own songs and his own sound, Rob set out on a solo career in 2004 and recorded his solo, freshman album, ‘The Warm Chill.’ During this time, Rob also served in the Army until honorably discharged as a disabled veteran.

Over the years Rob continued to pursue his dream of being a professional musician. He performed in numerous venues, working hard to perfect his style.

“Below is a quote that I have kept close to my heart & soul for the last 15 years.” ~ Rob Randolph

Music is the strongest spirit of all creation.
It keeps humanity together
It breaks all barriers –
age, language, color, even time & space.
It is a spirit you must humbly pay homage to and hold in the highest regard.

Ben Harper

Sample from Rob’s Discography

  1. 1

    Lucky Stars (The Truth We Tell Ourselves)Self-hosted audio player

    Lucky Stars (The Truth We Tell Ourselves)
  2. 2

    Distaste (The Truth We Tell Ourselves)Self-hosted audio player

    Distaste (The Truth We Tell Ourselves)
  3. 3

    Snow In July (The Warm Chill)Self-hosted audio player

    Snow In July (The Warm Chill)
  4. 4

    Kill Your Idols (The Deathbed Convert)Prodigal Duke (Rob playing lead guitar and backup vocals

    Kill Your Idols (The Deathbed Convert)
  5. 5

    Pass The Torch (Sibling Rivalry)Sibling Rivalry (Rob & April Randolph group)

    Pass The Torch (Sibling Rivalry)
  6. 6

    Slave (Resident 6)Resident 6 (from one of Rob's 1st albums)

    Slave (Resident 6)
  7. 7

    Fall Out (Resident 6)Resident 6 (from one of Rob's 1st albums)

    Fall Out (Resident 6)